Destiney Fortson
Ever since I was a little girl, close friends as well as family have always stressed that I should be modeling. I'd be lying if I said it didn't interest me, I always wanted the spot light to sport my long legs and slim frame, I just never knew how to go about it. As of now, I am a student at Sam Houston State University majoring in nursing. I plan on that being my "main career" but anyone that knows me can vouch that I live in the camera. I live for events where I can dress up, put on my heels and steal the show upon arrival. I've actually never done any photo shoots other than my senior photos which were horrible, however I have friends here at school who are in the film industry and those who also just love to carry around a camera and capture the moments. I've been asked to do a shoot with one, just so he can show off his work. When he first got his camera he took a couple off guards of me at my house just to get practice. I'm always prepared for the camera when I'm out, and the camera seems to be prepared for me. I was a part of a event titled hot bods here at my school last semester and this coming Friday I will be a part of the date auction where I, among others, will be bid on for a date. There is a promo video of the event on YouTube titled Sam Houston Date Auction 1 where we do a small skit stating what we look for in our ideal mate. I am the red head :) Not the best work, or best lighting but it works. Hopefully there are opportunities out there for me that I can grab! I feel like there is a purpose for me in this world of cameras and frames!
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